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My mother used to say, "Is that Barby playing the piano?  My goodness, her feet don't even reach the pedals!".  I taught myself how to read music and play the piano at about 5 yrs old, and started taking lessons at 9 yrs old.  During my teens I was the accompanist for the Gilbert & Sullivan operettas at the Sea Pines summer camp I attended on Cape Cod; I also accompanied  my high school choir, graduated high school and attended the Philadelphia Musical Academy for 2 years.  At that point I decided that the demands of being a music major took away my enjoyment of playing the piano and I pursued a career in computer programming.  Music remains my passion and avocation.  I was the pianist at our church in San Diego for over 30 years.  It was during that time that I realized my talent was from God, and I use that talent to share His blessings to this day.   I now reside in Tucson, AZ and share my love for music with our church by occasionally playing offertories and specials.




 My English Bulldog "Miss Georgie Girl"  .

A cute story from Reader's Digest, August 1985

"A Bulldog Named Petunia"