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Barbara On Piano

Christian Piano Music

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Barbara, how wonderful to have inspirational music played so splendidly! Thank you.

I just love to hear to play, Barbara. You have beautiful arrangements too. This venue is such a good idea. Impressive list of songs. Thank you for you and for your gift of music!

Barb, listening to you play makes my heart sing. Thank you for sharing your marvelous gift with us. Don't ever stop. Judy

What a blessing to hear your music! Hearing you play for years at CCOG is a blessed memory. Thank you for accompanying me many times; you were always so helpful and gracious to a singer who had some struggles with timing. I will enjoy playing these selections you have here. God bless you!

Thanks dear friend! So lovely to hear you play again. Brings back sweet memories of your music and of songs we don't hear so much anymore. I love the new praise and worship music, but the old will always ring in my memory and bring me comfort. Thank you!

Barbie you sound wonderful !


Love to hear you play, always wanted to take lessons, but was not to be. Keep playing with all your heart, and we will hear you in our hearts also. Loved meeting you and knowing you and Carroll were married so long. Best wishes in the future, email or call anytime, would love to take about "stuff". Marilyn